Our revolutionary six step system was developed by Creative Conflict Resolutions INC and has been perfected over the course of X years. This program has changed the lives of hundreds of people and has played a part in saving countless relationships. When you purchase the XXXXX program, you’ll begin on a structured path that will ultimately result in you understanding your passive aggressive behavior, feeling more comfortable with expressing your true feelings, and enjoying your relationships more than ever before.

Here’s how the sixstep system works:

1. The Passive Aggressive Test:

You’ll begin by taking The Passive Aggressive Test, which will help you identify whether or not you have common passive aggressive traits. By understanding what these traits are – and if you possess them or not – you’ll be able to begin to better understand how to deal with and correct those traits. This psychologically revealing test is done privately on your own time, and is the foundation of the rest of the program.

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2. The Book: "Stop Your Passive Aggression and Save Your Marriage"

After identifying potential passive aggressive traits, you’ll get into the core of this program: The electronic book by XXXXX XXXXXXX. Stop Your Passive Aggressive Behavior and Save Your marriage explores how passive aggression starts and how it you can correct it. It contains practical applications and is easy to read and understand. No psychology classes or dictionaries are required! It will be your guide to understanding and changing your communication style from passive aggressive to a healthier style
that will benefit both you and your wife.

Among other valuable topics, the book will give you…

  • A detailed framework to better understand passive
    aggressive traits, why they manifest, and how to correct them
  • Revolutionary that work to produce steady, positive
    behavioral change
  • Success stories of the men (and their happy wives!) who
    have used this model to change their lives and save their marriages.

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3. The Essential Workbook to
Defeat Passive Aggression

To help you get the most possible benefit from the book, all students of this program will receive The Essential Workbook to Defeat Passive Aggression. You’ll use this powerful tool at the end of each book chapter to further reinforce key concepts and apply what you’ve learned.

The exercises in the workbook are designed to illustrate to you how the book’s lessons and examples apply to your everyday life. You can also use the workbook to gain valuable insights about past experiences – and see how those experiences have shaped the way you think in the present.

For certain exercises (like this one) you will be personally guided by your coach, who will provide you with personal, individualized insights about your specific situation based on
many of the answers and scenarios you create in your workbook.

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4. Coaching Session One:

With (Name of program) you don’t just get eBooks and selfstudy
materials. We’ll work directly with you, oneonone, to help you
understand the core concepts of the program and help you
permanently change your life and relationship for the better.

In this first XXX long coaching session, together we’ll…

• Complete a selfassessment of your communication style

• Explore the connection between your current behaviors and
their consequences
• Identify the origin of your mental
models and current beliefs • Link your current beliefs and
defenses to past experiences
• Identify what creates
problems in your present situation, and identify positive tactics
to correct those problems

You’ll find this coaching session to be relaxed and
informative. Many students find that this first coaching session
provides them with a vision and a clarity about their current
situation that they’ve never before had.

Something About PriceIf your relationship is suffering because of passive aggressive
behavior, you know how frustrating and lonely it feels. The good
news is that you can fix it. XXXX (course name) has helped
hundreds of men fix the problem, change their lives, and save
their marriages.

The regular price of XXXX (course name) is $495. And at
that price it’s quite affordable considering that you receive…

  • The Passive Aggressive Test
  • The eBook, Stop Your Passive Aggressive Behavior and Save your Marriage from your current behavior
  • The Essential Workbook to Defeat Passive Aggression
  • Two oneonone coaching sessions
  • Lifetime membership in our online community

Honestly, the coaching sessions alone are worth the $495.

But now, you can join XXXXX (course name) during this
special promotional offer for only $395.



There’s No Risk Whatsoever

In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll see improvements in
your life and your relationship from this program, that I’ll give
you a 60 day guarantee.

If you follow the program and you don’t see positive changes
occurring within the first 60 days, I’ll refund your money.

So join us now while this special price is still available.

You will receive this book, chock-full of great strategies to
change your Passive Aggressive Behavior. You'll also receive its
accompanying workbook, complete with
exercises that will help you apply the book's strategies to your
own life.

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