Your next step is in your own hands, now!


Still thinking about your next step? Up until today, you have done everything right:

  • you began learning about the issue of passive aggression;
  • you then took the test;
  • you received your results and have ruminated since then;
  • and you keep asking yourself: what should I do now?

Now, you need to move into decision mood!

Does it happen to you that you feel trapped by the same repetitive situations in life? Constant fighting with your wife is one of the most commons, not a lot of fun, but it happens almost automatically, and when you less expect it… As the worst kind of action in life is inaction. If you are experiencing a long-term confrontation in your marriage, and it’s taking its toll, the time for action is now.

I work primarily with men who are at a crossroads in their marriage. For them, communication with their spouse has faltered. At the same time, his wife is pressing him about an issue that she feels needs resolution. She pressures and prods him to accept and change his passive aggression, only to cause him to feel accused, shut down and shut her out. Behavior on both sides keeps escalating into rejection and contempt, and the union is slowly dying.

You can hear often that: "You can only influence other person's behavior if you change the way you treat her." If he accepts this axiom as true, then he could try to change his mindset and his approach to her, so her response to him becomes more appreciative and respectful.

After much research and sifting through the myriad of sketchy programs in the market, my client discovers that we offer the only comprehensive solution to her frustration with married life.

“The 4 Steps to Free your Marriage from Passive Aggression” is our signature four-step program. In it, we teach you how to find and change behaviors produced by an approach that simply isn’t working. After applying our proven program you will know how to best approach your wife, how to solve differences between you, and how to express your needs so they are heard and acted on as part of the marriage deal.


Our system is easy to use, simple to understand, and proceeds in a methodical way where we can help you anywhere you live. We work with people nationwide, by phone, so there is no travel time and geography is not an issue (so, your best friend in Virginia is as much a prospect as someone down the street.) If there is a need to include the help of your wife in the process, we can do that using phone or Skype online. And its powerful content will walk you through the origins of passive aggressive behaviors, how to detach from those attachments, and how to behave in a new way. You will even learn the communication skills to express yourself without risk of misunderstandings.


It begins with a confidential and simple test done at your leisure. The test helps you find whether you have common passive aggressive traits. By understanding what these traits are – and if you use them or not – you’ll understand the reason they are part of your personality, and correct them. Perhaps you are already familiar with it, so it's OK.

Next, we introduce a user-friendly book, "The Silent Marriage Solution: How stopping passive aggression improves your relationship, and makes your marriage stronger"

It features a detailed framework to better understand passive aggressive traits, why they manifest, and how to correct them. This is the core of our program. It has practical applications of each concept and are easy to read and understand. No psychology classes or dictionaries required!

To complement the learning, we’ve included a helpful workbook, “The Essential Workbook to The Silent Marriage Solution: How stopping passive aggression improves your relationship, and makes your marriage stronger.” This powerful tool reinforces key concepts at the end of each chapter and applies what you’ve learned to your own everyday situations. For certain exercises, you will even be personally guided by your coach.

Finally, we’ll work directly with you, one-on-one in a personalized coaching session. Here we illuminate the core concepts of the program, apply them to your own history and personal situations, and produce a plan that will change your life and relationship forever.


Remember, the peace of your marriage awaits. The sooner you start this proven program, “The 4 Steps to Free your Marriage from Passive Aggression,” the sooner you put real marital misery in the past.

Don’t let passive aggression stop you and your partner from having the marriage and home life you’ve always dreamed of having: peaceful and respectful for you, and emotionally satisfying for your wife. Get in touch with us today for what you can do!
With much appreciation,

Neil Warner
Tel: (1) 954 607 2183
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P.S. I understand that it might be scary for you to take the first step by clicking on our link – because it means you admit you want more from your marriage. As in more communication, more understanding, more JOY! I hear you. And by clicking on the link you can put yourself on a path to a happier marriage and more joyful life. And who doesn’t deserve that?! Besides, you have a full 30 days warranty covering your program!

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