Are you a passive aggressive man?

Have you been told that you are a passive aggressive man?  Are you dealing with your wife’s accusations now?

In our coaching practice we have discovered that some men using passive aggressive behaviors are emotionally unavailable because are trapped in a childhood situation They grew up without lots of emotional expressions, never learned to use them, and now, dealing with a wife, are often accused of acting emotionally unavailable on purpose.

Of course, it is not because they don’t want to be expressive! It is because they never learned how to be! Or rejected open expressions of love because the environment classified those expressions as “sissified” and “not manly.”

Perhaps you are under the constant claims of your wife, who feels lonely, not appreciated and left isolated by your silence? Or are you damaging the relationship by keeping important issues like finances out of sharing with her?

Well, it’s time to grow up…Normal, healthy people are not afraid of sharing and expressing love. If you are ready to take the jump and reach out of your self-created cave, there are ways to do it…

  • Lose your shame; you will love to be married and happy;
  • Forget the childhood labels: feeling your emotions is not “being sissy”
  • You know that you yourself want to stop the emotional starvation!

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