How to get out of the dog house and save your marriage?

Are you really trying to save your marriage? Please, read with me this letter from a desperate husband:

Hello Nora,
“I am a passive aggressive husband with four children and a depressed wife. We just started marriage counseling because of my infidelity and my blaming her for it.

Anyways I saw most of your materials are for the woman in the relationship but none are for the man/husband. What can you recommend for me. I just finished reading No more Mr Nice Guy and I’m positive I’m passive aggressive and that it’s ruining or may have ruined my chances to reconciliation with my wife.

Besides for the books I’d like to purchase, I’m starting therapy for myself besides the couple’s counseling we recently started a month ago. What should I ask my new therapist to see if he can help me. I live in Maryland and saw you are in Florida so I don’t know if you recommend anyone in the Mid Atlantic.

Thanks a lot and look forward to your response.”


Dear Joe,
thanks for writing asking for support. Perhaps there is a mistake in your search, because I do have a program for you.

Please, schedule your session here:

You will find we have designed a program that will help you discover the roots of your problem, plus a plan for addressing it, and you can begin working on it NOW.

This program focus on personal coaching to learn and apply new behaviors.  It is a long term process, that allows you to identify negative mindsets and develop a positive communication style.

Perhaps it would be useful to do this program before starting your personal therapy: it will help you pinpoint the challenges coming from your childhood mindset,  and know where to start with the learning of new behaviors.

  Be ready to have a 30′ free strategy call with me,  to answer your questions fast. Best wishes!

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