My Wife Says I am Passive Aggressive, Help!

Has your wife given you an ultimatum? Will she leave if you don't learn to stop what she calls your "passive aggression"?

Harry found himself in this predicament after his wife bought an ebook about “passive aggressive husbands.”

She began pointing to most of his behaviors as signals that he wasn't communicating properly, (for example, his being silent for weeks), and telling him how disappointed she was at him... to the point of talking about leaving the marriage!

• From her point of view, everything he did (or didn’t) was a sign of his hidden anger and passive aggression! It was sickening and scary, and Harry did not like to be painted in this light!

• What did he do? He stopped answering her and retreated in a dignified silence to prevent more shouting and conflict.

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• Guess what? Now, according to his wife, he was certified as a true blue blood passive aggressive husband because he was giving her the “silent treatment!” And he was only weathering the storm using peace, quiet and silence!

• Now, his wife plans to leave, fed up after years of struggle over what is and isn't "passive aggressive."

• Whatever you do, you will end up in the same dog house! Do you want to know what to do when your wife complains about your behavior? Do you want to save your marriage?

• Take our passive aggression quiz, and see for yourself where you stand. We will lead you to the solutions, step by step! 

• Here is the help you have been searching for all this time, a personal guidance in your search for a better relationship with your wife. Because you don’t want to divorce, and you want to be appreciated and respected by her, right?