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Your results are normal/flexible.

You know how to respond to other people’s sincere requests. You are able to hear what their needs are, and provide some coherent and adequate response to them.

Perhaps you are somehow empathetic to others’ feelings? That would be great to keep people around you happy and cooperating with you!

It would be useful to learn some conciliatory ways of expressing dissent, by using normal expressions like: “I hear what you are saying as…”

Probably you are already aware of how much your inner child is talking through you, but really, really letting him play would be even better! Get some release for creative impulses when you care less about critiquing others and more about finding new ways of appreciating them. Then, fun begins and your mind is released to ask the magical question:

  • “What if I do x?”
  • “What if I find new and funnier ways of giving honest feedback?”

As you can see, this list is really endless! In the case that you would like to really become a master in interpersonal negotiations, at home and at work, it would be great to learn the conflict management strategies available now.

Perhaps you would like to get some help getting started in developing your natural skills to a “masters” level? Then ask for the map of your extra personal coaching development plan with Coach Nora!

Please note that this is a computer test, and cannot be taken as a definitive evaluation. If you want to discuss your results with one of our coaches, and get ideas and suggestions how to use The 4 Steps to FREE Your Marriage of Passive Aggression to improve the quality of your relationships,  please visit the coaching site and schedule your coaching session.

You can also email your questions at: cconflicts @ Anyway you can reach out, we are here with solutions!

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