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Your numbers say that you react to the world with a predominantly attitude. Either this is an old defensive mechanism that ensures nobody will frustrate, defraud or hurt you any more, or it is a recent decision to block others’ ability to hurt you – and it is being extremely successful.

It means that now the people around you, either be relatives, friends or foes, are kept at bay by your different protective shields. If this is what you want, then stop telling them that you want to have a relationship.

Your choice is stark:

  • Either you are protected from pain but isolated,
  • or you risk some emotional pain and connect with others.

Perhaps this decision is already out of your conscious control, and you will need some help to open up, raise the level of transparency, let other people to know you and also allow people to trust you.

The rewards are high: you can have companionship and love, but only if you accept to be reeducated in the art of being open and vulnerable to loving connections.

Now, we offer you a system by which you can have a real solution to the challenge in your marriage:

The 4 Steps to FREE Your Marriage of Passive Aggression”

It is composed by FOUR ELEMENTS:

1.- The Passive Aggressive Self-Assessment;

2.- The Book: “The Silent Marriage Solution:How stopping passive aggression improves your relationship, and makes your marriage stronger”

Here is an idea of the contents of this new, well researched Book:

We examine the aggression game from both the inside (as you see it; the “only way” to act) and the outside (how others are being affected by it, how it is hurting them).

By doing this, you are separated from your behavior; so as you are not bent on hurting others, but are being influenced by many factors you didn’t realize were part of you.

In Chapter 2, you will take a few short surveys, designed for you to identify which aspects of behavior you have developed as your own.

With these tools, you can begin to take back ownership of the disowned parts of your personality- that is, the parts that are doing harmful things to others without your knowledge

In Chapter 4, we will show you how to connect your present behavior with what happened to you in the past, by guiding you through analyzing and interpreting both.

This empowers you to look for the relational aspects you lacked in the past, things like self-esteem and security that you are going to recover in order to heal your wounds today.

Think of it as figuring out what vitamins you need (and where to get them) in order to provide your body with what is now missing.

In Chapter 5, you learn how to identify your negative emotions, how to express them in a healthy way and how to use them to learn more about your frustrated needs.

From this, you receive a more balanced self-image (which means more security in yourself and your relationships). You can communicate and connect with others from a place where you feel your emotions, because now they don’t overwhelm you.

Chapter 6 is one of the book’s most important chapters. You get nine powerful, creative strategies that teach you how to begin behaving in your marriage in a different way.

By sticking to strategies that are proven to work, you will send the message to your wife and loved ones that you really care about making your relationships better.

We want you to know that we will not only guide you through a process of self-reflection and self-discovery, but will give you powerful tools for change, making the process one of steady, secure improvement.

In Chapter 7, you are including your wife as a loving, supportive partner (instead of a critical fault-finder).

From this step, you get a truce: you stop the war with your wife that is destroying your marriage. Your wife begins to be your own ally, because she herself is involved in your change. This, more than anything else, opens the door for improving emotional communication with your wife.

And there is more! You will receive the companion book:

3.- In “The Essential Workbook to: The Silent Marriage Solution. How stopping passive aggression improves your relationship, and makes your marriage stronger,” you will gain the opportunity to apply the book’s concepts to your own life experiences and understand them in a new light. You learn about your own story at your own pace and this knowledge brings you a new way of thinking that rewires your brain.

Applying the Workbook concepts to your past and present experiences is crucial to understand and accept what happened to you, and thus being able to plan for a better future.

What can the coaching sessions help you with? Here is a basic description of the two first sessions:

  1. Coaching Session:

With this original program, you don’t just get eBooks and self-study materials. We’ll work directly with you, one-on-one, to illuminate the core concepts of the program, apply them to your own solutions, and help you permanently change your life and relationship for the better.

The One-Hour Coaching Session Offers You:

  • Self assessment of your communication style.
  • Analyzing the connection between behaviors and impact on loved ones.
  • Identifying the origin of your old mental paths and beliefs.
  • Linking current beliefs and defenses to the original trauma.
  • Getting you to identify when you use an old mindset locates his relational problem in that past event; and separates the actual, here and now situation  with your wife that needs a different approach.

This coaching session will be relaxed and informative, pressure free. Many students find that the first coaching session provides them with such a panoramic vision of their relationship dynamics that allows them to experience a perspective they’ve never had before.

Ready to go? You can get more information about this Program, at our site:

“The 4 Steps to FREE Your Marriage of Passive Aggression”

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a computer test, and cannot be taken as a definitive evaluation. If you want to discuss your results with one of our coaches and get started with the 6 steps system to heal your behavior, please call us at +1 954 607 2183  (9am-5pm EST) for your free 30 minute coaching session. Map your situation with the help of an expert and get immediate relief.


JUST BOOK YOUR COPY OF The 4 Steps to FREE Your Marriage of Passive Aggression,” now!

YOU HAVE A 30 DAYS COMPLETE WARRANTY, so there is nothing to worry about: if you find this system is not suitable to your personal situation, we will refund your payment. 

When the sale is completed, you will receive your e-Book and the schedule of your phone session to know the first steps you need to take to stop the destruction of your marriage, and learn some urgent responses to change the dynamics at home and get some peace and respect. Take action now, get to know the basic ideas of our “The 4 Steps to FREE Your Marriage of Passive Aggression” and begin taking control of your marital situation!

To your happiness and peace of spirit!

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