Extra Coaching Session

Thank you for your Order of “The 4 Steps to FREE Your Marriage of Passive Aggression”

Before proceeding to complete your order, we want to make sure that you take this opportunity to profit from this excellent complement to your purchase.

Over the years we have observed that the most successful clients are the ones that make a long-term commitment to use this material to their best advantage. Having a second chance to discuss your situation with a coach, will keep you in track.

It will give you the opportunity to see through the roadblocks you may have met on your journey, and be able to adjust your plans to overcome them. Here is the moment to design your roadmap for future progress!

Optional Coaching Session 


A month after your first coaching session, we’ll meet for a second 50-minute session to further explore your current situation and apply the lessons you’ve learned from the Book, the Workbook and your initial coaching session.

The impact of this second session is very strong: will reinforce your commitment to changes, open new possibilities to new and more satisfactory behaviors, provide you with the right answers to personal challenges so you don’t get derailed or confused, and in general empower you to focus on getting your needs solved through your relationships. In this program, you will be on your way to more appreciation and respect from everybody around you fast!

In this session you will:

Learn to recognize when and how you are projecting old expectations to your current situations. Learn how to stop them and use new behaviors instead.

  • Discover the more intimate and personal language to use with your wife and how this is different from your current language. We will give you a list of positive comments, questions and phrases to improve your emotional connection with her.
  • Discover how to apply these lessons to other experiences in your life, like with your children or in your career, as to be able to talk with coworkers at a personal level.
  • Receive feedback on recognizing “red flags” when you’re falling into past destructive behaviors, so you can revert back quickly to your new, positive habits.



We normally charge for a coaching session 199$ but as part of this deal you can have this second session at 97.00$


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