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Free from Passive Aggression using our main product:
“The 4 steps to free your marriage from passive aggression”

What kind of transformation do we offer?

Here is a short version of the model for transforming passive aggression into a loving, responsive partnership. First, we need to share with you this basic proposition: There is a strong connection between our personal history and present behavior, more … Continue reading

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Dealing with the silent treatment in your marriage?

Is your passive aggressive husband doing the silent treatment at home? We humans have a  need to feel that our relationships are stable/ permanent, and we want to know that the people we are with will be there for us. … Continue reading

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Using tapping to get passive aggression under control

Tapping– also known as EFT, is a wonderful tool for removing the emotions  that limit subconsciously your success.
Here is how to apply this technique to controlling passive aggression. Continue reading

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