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From Passive Aggression to Deeper Love

Do you wonder what does it take to go from passive aggression to deeper love?

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How a passive aggressive man hides from his partner?

If you have a passive aggressive man at your side, you know a lot about the ways he clams up and lets you be in solid silence. Why not? We all know that doing the silent treatment to your spouse … Continue reading

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Healing Words To Communicate Safely With Your Wife

How to break the silence and reconnect with her This message reaches you at the right moment…when you know that you need to practice the right words to connect with your wife at a deeper level. It can teach you … Continue reading

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What kind of transformation do we offer?

Here is a short version of the model for transforming passive aggression into a loving, responsive partnership. First, we need to share with you this basic proposition: There is a strong connection between our personal history and present behavior, more … Continue reading

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Dealing with the silent treatment in your marriage?

Is your passive aggressive husband doing the silent treatment at home? We humans have a  need to feel that our relationships are stable/ permanent, and we want to know that the people we are with will be there for us. … Continue reading

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Using tapping to get passive aggression under control

Tapping– also known as EFT, is a wonderful tool for removing the emotions  that limit subconsciously your success.
Here is how to apply this technique to controlling passive aggression. Continue reading

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What are the Results You Would Like to Have NOW

For a new book, we are collecting your feedback. This is a quick form that takes 2 minutes to fill in. Continue reading

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Human Needs Frustration At The Root of Passive Aggression

How frustration of human needs is located at the root of passive aggression? Let’s recover a bit of human needs theory: We all human beings have vital needs that demand the cooperation of others to satisfy. Without others help we cannot … Continue reading

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