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Healing Words To Communicate Safely With Your Wife

How to break the silence and reconnect with her This message reaches you at the right moment…when you know that you need to practice the right words to connect with your wife at a deeper level. It can teach you … Continue reading

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How Nora’s coaching works to heal marriages!

HERE IS THE TESTIMONIAL BY JIM, A PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE HUSBAND   When I first spoke with Nora, I was near bottom… I had tried my heart out to please my wife, at least I thought I had.  It seemed as … Continue reading

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Why Men Don’t Get Their Needs Met

Looking at the basic misunderstandings between both sides of a couple, the real divide called usually the “battle of the sexes…” is easy to see marriage as a deal where each one can identify and obtain satisfaction to their own needs, counting with help from his/her partner. Continue reading

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How to get out of the dog house and save your marriage?

Are you really trying to save your marriage? Please, read with me this letter from a desperate husband: Hello Nora, “I am a passive aggressive husband with four children and a depressed wife. We just started marriage counseling because of … Continue reading

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Couples do Relationship Repair with a Quick Solution That Works

National Relationships Repair Month has started, offering people with relationship issues a fast and easy way to learn better communication skills: Continue reading

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