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Passive Aggression: Is This the Void In Your Relationship?

Are you dealing with a passive aggressive partner? Some households are not as happy as they could be. There is conflict on various emotional, verbal, perhaps physical levels. What behavior is causing these conflicts? Perhaps you think of yourself as … Continue reading

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Is Passive Aggressive Behaviour Wrecking Your Relationship?

Are you being told that your passive aggressive behavior is damaging your relationship? Welcome to Passive Aggressive Test. Now that you know where you are, your next question for yourself is probably this: “Why am I here?” In your opinion, you … Continue reading

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How to get out of the dog house and save your marriage?

Are you really trying to save your marriage? Please, read with me this letter from a desperate husband: Hello Nora, “I am a passive aggressive husband with four children and a depressed wife. We just started marriage counseling because of … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Passive Aggression Problem?

Does this sound like a familiar train of thought to you: “I’ve always tried not to show any anger, so that love and acceptance are the only things in our relationship”? If this is familiar, then your wife telling you … Continue reading

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